Niceland: (30) Garðar BA 64

Built in 1912 in Norway, the Garðar BA 64 is the oldest steel ship in Iceland and remains beached in the Patreksfjörður fjord since 1981. It was used for fishing in the Icelandic waters and its rusting hulk still sits there today.

West fjords, Iceland. August 2011


About Dani Planas Labad

I´m a travel and documentary photographer based in Barcelona. On my journeys I always focus on local people, traditions, religions and other social aspects, as well as on landscapes and portraits. I have published in travel magazines and made several individual and collective exhibitions.
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5 Responses to Niceland: (30) Garðar BA 64

  1. Chris Budny says:

    Terrific shots—I believe someone has been working on restoring the rusting hulk; I just visited 2 weeks ago, and it looks dramatically better now – fresh red and white paint (no rust stains on the white parts) and many of the largest rust holes in your shots were not visible to my eye. Must be trying to preserve it as a tourist attraction! Fantastic captures; love the head-on view of the prow.

    • Thanks for your comment Chris! That was a great spot for shooting! Have u got pictures of how the Garðar BA 64 looks now? I´ll check your website…
      One of that ship pictures in now on exhibition in Barcelona!
      By the way some months ago i´ve moved all my blog content to my own domain website, with galleries and all that stuff, please visit it:

      • Chris Budny says:

        I will definitely check out your new site; the few photos I saw of yours were wonderful! I uploaded a far-shot of the ship today, but you can clearly see the white parts have been recently repainted, and the side of the hull looks very solid. I came home from Iceland 26 Aug, with a few thousand photos to review—I want to go back so badly! I felt rushed nearly everywhere I went, in terms of photography… (I was there for my sister’s wedding, then 7 days vacation.) My photo of the ship is here, along with a few other images from the trip so far: -Chris

  2. The Pal Guy says:

    Great shots of such a peculiar subject. It seems strange that a large boat is stranded out of the water and on land.

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