Indian portraits (8): The kid with a rope

Picture of a kid of one of the lowest Indian castes. Anyone know what´s the rope for?
Khajuraho, state of Madhya Pradesh (India). September 2004.

Foto d´un nen d´una de les castes índies més humils. Algú sap per a que serveix la corda?
Khajuraho, estat de Madhya Pradesh (Índia). Setembre 2004.

Foto de una niño de una de las castas indias más humildes. Alguien sabe para que sirve la cuerda? Khajuraho, estado de Madhya Pradesh (India). Septiembre 2004.


About Dani Planas Labad

I´m a travel and documentary photographer based in Barcelona. On my journeys I always focus on local people, traditions, religions and other social aspects, as well as on landscapes and portraits. I have published in travel magazines and made several individual and collective exhibitions.
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3 Responses to Indian portraits (8): The kid with a rope

  1. niki says:

    Can’t help but admire this really cute picture of this little boy. The black cord on his waist is called “Kandoraa” in Hindi language. The black cord with beads and other things in his neck is called “maadaliyaa” both things are very traditional – they are normally worn together to ward off evil eye of strangers in case they find the child too beautiful.
    In old times these types of kids will be kidnapped and made Sadhu(kind of priest) forcibly or would be turned into ‘Hijra” (Transgender) and mothers were told by generations of elders to keep off the evils and protect their child from diseases like smallpox, chickenpox.

    • Hi Niki, thank you very much for visiting my blog and giving me such an interesting explanation of what are both cords for. Wow, it´s amazing !! Thank you ! Best wishes !

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